Militarisation and
Knowledge Production


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Karachi LaJamia is an anti-institution based in Karachi seeking to politicise art education and collectively explore new radical pedagogies and art practices. We understand culture and aesthetics as deeply political practices that shape our lived experience of the present and our political visions of the future.

Karachi LaJamia is a nomadic space moving outside the institution to occupy public spaces in the city as sites of study, disrupting imperial modes of knowledge production and circulation. Our sessions are site specific and we situate ourselves in the larger social context to learn, share and produce knowledge collectively while exploring new ways of inhabiting, knowing and being with the city, and being with each other.

We seek to create non-hierarchical pedagogical environments outside of student/teacher/classroom frameworks. We work closely with multiple organisations and activists to build solidarity and alliances with ongoing struggles in the city.

Karachi LaJamia was founded in May 2015 by Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani.