Militarisation and
Knowledge Production


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The Militarised University and the Everywhere War is an essay that emerges from our growing concern with the accelerated policing of university and cultural spaces under the narrative of countering violent extremism. The post-9/11 global political climate has seen an unprecedented growth in the spheres of cultural and knowledge production in Pakistan. This growth has taken place alongside a simultaneous multi-scalar expansion of the Pakistani state-military apparatus into all spheres of life as well as an influx of global capital with similar wartime agendas into the cultural and academic spheres. We trace the ways in which these dual forces have led to pervasive culture of surveillance and securitisation under the guise of an unlimited war against terrorism.

This is a a revised and expanded version of an essay we wrote in 2016-17 for the special collection 'Abolition of the University' published by the Open Library of the Humanities. In this new version, we focus on the latest military operation Radd-ul-Fasad launched in 2017, wherein the military has become increasingly flagrant about their involvement in higher education institutions, simultaneously denigrating these spaces as ‘breeding grounds’ for antinational politics and instrumentalising them towards their vision of the national project. We explore how these strategic representations of insecurity work to advance and legitimise further militarization of campuses, enabling the tightening of the military’s grip on campuses and justifying the need for a more vigilant regulation and policing of students. Read the text here.